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What is Gamer Loverz ?

This site is the result of hard work that reflects our passion for games. Our goal is to entertain our customers with our incredible range of video games and bring to life the exciting kingdom of imagination. Our subscription allows you to discover new unknown and exciting games.
We want to be able to offer you an alternative to endless games, we want you to discover a new way to have fun by offering you different games each month and thus make you discover fun nuggets unfortunately too little known.
By us, for you. We want to share our passion with you..


Our site gives you access to a large choice of games for everyone.


Play wherever you want, whenever you want :
the only limit is you.


You can find on our site the most popular games of the moment.

News games every month

Discover a preview of the gaming innovations of the moment

If you are a subscriber of ours, you have access to exclusive content––all accessible through our revolutionary credit system. Unlock the membership area and gain access to unique content tailored specifically for our subscribers. The credits apply after checkout, instantly granting you permission to unlock our content and explore with ease. With fast and easy access, we make it simple for subscribers to get the most out of their memberships. Enjoy the perks of being a subscriber today!


Each offer has a trial period (1.95 €) of 5 days, you will be charged your picked offer cost after trial period has ended.


  29.95 EUR

per month

  • Unlimited members area access
  • 30 Games
  • Email Support


  49.95 EUR

per month

  • Unlimited members area access
  • 100 Games
  • Email Support


  89.95 EUR

per month

  • Unlimited members area access
  • 285 Games
  • Email Support

Seeking something to stave off boredom? Take full advantage of our subscription service and explore a collection of over 300 HTML5 games from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Stop surfing around for entertainment, as we have an entire library filled with titles that are sure to please! Whether you want stimulating brainteasers or riveting adventures; join us in discovering everything this wonderful world has to offer. Plus we offer a huge library of courses that can help you in development ( how to cook and sport and even how to be good parents) Subscribe now - it's time for some truly exciting fun at every click!



"I find this site very interesting, the games that they offer are very great, I recommend it"


"I love Gamer Loverz because I receive new games every month which will never get bored"


"My family loves this site because it offer us more games than the others website"


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